Visa tips: Working holiday in Norway for Canadians

Somehow, I managed to get my application for the Working Holiday Visa for Canadians done on time before I left the country. How? I don’t know. I found it very difficult to get actual instructions and information, and answers when I had questions. So now, story time…

I was under the impression I could apply for the Visa once I got here at the police station. There was an option on the website to either apply from abroad, or apply in person, which seemed easier so that was my plan. My passport was supposed to expire April 2018, so I went to get it renewed. My travel date was September 13th, so he told me I didn’t need to pay to rush it, and it would be back in two weeks. I thought all was fine, UNTIL I was scrolling through the website at work one day and stumbled upon the fact that I WASN’T ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FROM NORWAY. So I panicked. I booked an appointment with the Danish Embassy, which represents Norway, for the soonest possible date. The issue was my passport was supposed to arrive one day after the appointment. I got it back the night before, luckily. The next day, I had to send my actual passport, that I hadn’t even had for twelve hours, to Ottawa. I was told I’d get it back in 2-3 weeks. My flight left 3 weeks from the next day.

I got it back in time, surprisingly, but then had mountains of stress built up inside me because I was convinced they would send me back on a plane to Canada when I told customs I didn’t have a Visa yet, and wasn’t planning on returning home until May. Lucky for me, he didn’t give a shit.

Two days ago I got an email saying they received my application and I’d know in 4 weeks. It had been 4 weeks. But again, their notification system doesn’t work properly, and five hours later I got an email saying I had been approved. The last issue is the fact that I can’t start working until after my appointment with the police- soonest appointment is NOVEMBER 2ND. But whatever, I’m going to work on finding a way around this in a few days.

The most frustrating part of all of this was how many times I called UDI (the Visa company), the Norwegian Embassy, the Danish Embassy, literally everyone, because I had questions… the most important one being “Can I be in Norway while my Visa application is in process.” I can’t even begin to tell you how stressed out I was during my last few weeks in Canada because no one would give me straight answers.

I would have been more organized if this wasn’t a fairly last minute move. If you apply for any type of Visa or permit, please DO NOT BE LIKE ME and do your research. I will eventually make a detailed post about the application process itself, because I couldn’t find very much help online.

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