Things I’ve noticed after one month in Norway

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This country is lovely, the people are lovely, it’s beautiful here, but it is weird. I talked about some strange things I noticed in my first week here, but I’ve experienced more of the culture, and met more people, and noticed some things that I’ve never noticed at home.

Not finishing highschool

This is so weird to me. Highschool is so easy, everyone finishes highschool at home. It’s not a question. It’s very very common for people to not have their diploma here though.


Okay, maybe this is coming from the boot obsession I have, but everyone wears running shoes. Even when they’re dressed up, they’ll wear an otherwise fine looking outfit and then throw on a dirty pair of running shoes that look seven years old. Even men who are wearing suits toss on a pair of running shoes with it. Comfort first I guess? I will not be falling into this trend, I can tell you that for free.


Instead of popcorn and hot dogs at the rink, they serve waffles that you put jam on, fold in half, and eat with your hands. I can get on board with this one.


Everyone chews- even girls- I’m judging them.

Nothing happens quickly or on time

Four weeks to get an appointment to pickup the Visa that took four weeks to get approved for. Ten days to get a tax number that you can only get when you have a work contract. Four to six weeks to get a bank account that you can only do online and after you get the tax number. Busses are either early or late. Really annoying for someone as impatient as me.


Two parts to this: A- it’s hard to find decent produce. B- everything’s individually wrapped in plastic, dumb.

I’m curious as to what weird things people notice about Canada when they visit. I mean, there’s gotta be a few things I don’t realize since I live there.

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