(More) Things to do in Oslo, Norway

I can now say that I have done pretty much every tourist activity in this city. I’m lucky it’s been really sunny the past few days or else these activities would have sucked.

The Vigeland Park, is the world’s largest sculpture park made by one artist, Gustav Vigeland. There are more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron, and I couldn’t even count how many dogs I saw here. It was magical, and also free. I will not lie, these sculptures made me a bit uncomfortable. Art is weird, but this park was a nice place to waste an afternoon.

After that, we got a pastry so I could stuff my face with while waiting for the ferry. Very typical.



We went to Hovedøya Island, a short ferry ride from Aker Brygge. We got off the ferry and realized we had no idea what was on this island, and I was yet again wearing impractical footwear. Looking around at everyone getting off the boat, they were all wearing hiking boots or runners. I couldn’t help but feel judged for my (really cute) wedge boots. This island has forests, two beaches, and ruins of a Cistercian Monastery from 1147. There are two cannon batteries from 1808 and two gunpowder depots from when the island belonged to the Norwegian army. History is fun!!


This would be a nice spot to go for a run, except for the ferry you have to take to get there. It’s too bad there wasn’t somewhere you could get a coffee on this island, because a girl can only walk around on uneven trails for so long in heels. We left after a half an hour or so.

And then onto the museums…

We went to the Viking Ship Museum first, and the tickets to that give you free entry to the Historical Museum within 48 hours. Score!! I liked the Viking Museum a lot, I went to a viking settlement in Newfoundland a few years ago and this was quite different, but pretty interesting. They were just really good at carving things out of wood.

After that, we went to the Armed Forces Museum, which was free. This museum is awesome and massive. I had a hard time getting my history nerd boyfriend out of here.

The Historical Museum had something for everyone. There were mummies, cool rocks, everything! There were even some Native American things from Vancouver. If you go to the Vikings, you may as well go to this one too.

We went to the National Art Gallery and saw the Scream painting… Go through this gallery in order, we went through it backwards, then realized we missed the Scream, and had to go hunt for it.

the scream


And last was City Hall, not really a museum, but I was blown away by the inside of this building.


We went to an antique store to find cool things, but didn’t have much luck. There’s tons of museums in this city we haven’t made it to yet, but I think I’ve had enough museums for the next little while, I didn’t realize how exhausting they were.

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things to do in oslo

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