The best things about Canada, other than Caesars

I am so lucky to have a Canadian passport, so lucky to call B.C. home, and just so lucky to not be American. There are things about Canada that I miss when abroad, and no matter how much I love new places, Canada will always be home.

joffre lake

Joffre Lake

Canadian food? Do we have a food? I don’t know?

There are things that are hard to find in other countries. Good burgers, barbecue, Kraft Dinner, POUTINE, good hot sauce… The list goes on. It’s not like other places don’t have these things, it’s just difficult to get your hands on them.


These are probably the number one thing I miss. You can’t even get these in America. My go-to drink, and my absolute favourite, is an extra spicy Caesar. If you can find clamato juice, you can make these, but you can never find clamato juice in Europe, and do not even try to tell my that a Bloody Mary is even remotely similar.


fav drink and fav person

Tim Hortons

Their coffee is not good (steeped tea is acceptable). There, I said it. Their food also isn’t that good (bagels and donuts are fine), but there’s always one nearby. It’s convenient, familiar, and always the same at every location. There’s always going to be a bagel with cream cheese, some Timbits, and a steeped tea double double a short distance away.


You can’t really argue that Canada’s healthcare system is bad. It’s not. In other countries, you’re never sure what kind of treatment or the price of the service you’ll get if you’re hurt or sick, something that you don’t need to worry about in Canada.

Friendly humans

Canadians are not as high strung as other countries. People don’t seem to rushed, hold the doors open, are polite, and usually smile. I didn’t really realize it was actually like that here until I left.

Wide open spaces

Canada is the second largest country in the world, but the eighth least dense. If you’re not into city life, the country is never far. Apartments and houses are larger and have more space compared to most in Europe. Everyone has big fridges and big showers. The grocery stores are big and have everything instead of several small grocery stores that you can barely turn around in.


Man, I really missed being able to put hockey on the TV at any given time. No one gives a shit in Europe.

There’s so much I take for granted from growing up in such an efficient and safe place, filled with polite people, maple syrup, some French, breathtaking scenery, and the natural beauty of the country. Sometimes, and I mean most times, I wish flying within Canada wasn’t so goddamn expensive. I’ve been to Newfoundland, Alberta, and Quebec, but have not been to several places that I would love to explore in my own country. When you can fly to Europe for the same prices as flying across the country, the choice seems obvious.

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