Favourite day hikes in British Columbia

Being home is bittersweet. I really have no desire to live in this little town, but it’s nice to be settled and have a sense of routine again, and of course, see my dog. There’s nothing to do here, but there are some nice hikes close by and these are my favourites. The difficulty level is rated by me. I am in fairly good shape most of the time, and my cardio is usually decent, and even if it isn’t decent, I can’t let my dad beat me. Ever.

Elk Mountain- Chilliwack, BC

Difficulty- 7/10

I’ve done this hike a lot of times in the summer. It’s fairly difficult, but has a gorgeous view of Mt. Baker at the top. It’s super nice in the summer, once you get to the top, you can walk a little further up, and get to this meadow that has all of the wild flowers at the right time. My dad’s stayed overnight at the top of this one, but I draw the line at day hikes.


Elk Mountain


Elk Mountain

The Chief- Squamish, BC

Difficulty- 7/10

This hike has one of the most stunning views ever from the top. There are three peaks, and I’ve only gone to the first one, because I believe the view is the same from all three. It takes about an hour to get to the top. It’s became increasingly popular, and there’s now a gondola that goes to the top, so you could even just skip the hike and get to the view. You do you. Make sure you leash the fur babies on the top because there are lots of chipmunks they could chase and potentially go straight over the edge.


The Chief


The Chief


The Chief

Lindeman Lake- Chilliwack, BC

Difficulty- 4/10

This hike is super easy, I did it when I was five. The lake at the top is a beautiful shade of green, and freezing. Yes, I’ve swam in it. There are spots to put a tent so you can camp by the lake. I believe it’s first come first serve, and you can’t reserve a spot for your tent.


Lindeman Lake


Lindeman Lake

Mt. Cheam- Chilliwack, BC

Difficulty- 7/10

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEW EVER. Oh my god. This hike is amazing. I also did this hike when I was five, so it can’t be that hard, but when I did it last summer I remember thinking otherwise. The road to get here is really bad and you definitely need a vehicle with 4wd, and the snow doesn’t melt away until fairly late in the summer. It’s very cold at the peak, and has a stunning view of the lower mainland. The hike itself is beautiful, with meadows and mountains surrounding. One thing to note is that there is very minimal shade on this hike. Most is in the direct sunlight. 10/10 recommend this one, but make sure it’s sunny. The best part is the view from the top, and if it’s cloudy you’ll see nothing.


Mt. Cheam


Mt. Cheam


Mt. Cheam


Mt. Cheam (throwback)

Raven Bluff- Mission, BC

Difficulty- 6/10

This is a short hike, so it’s not too hard. It’s quite nice at the top, and at the bottom there’s a little river that people swim in during the summer. The trailhead is a bit difficult to find, so it’s never too crowded. One thing to pay attention to is the trail markets, because it’s not marked very well.


Raven Bluff


There is so much of the Vancouver area that I’ve yet to explore, although I have a love/hate relationship with hiking. I will refuse to do any hike that is overnight. I’ll only go on (shorter) day hikes, because I don’t like the outdoors as much as some people, and I’m not a person that hikes for the exercise, I go to the gym for that. I’m really lucky to live somewhere with so many options for hiking and exploring, and it’s one of my goals this year to take the dog on more adventures.

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