8 things that happen when you travel with your boyfriend

Travelling can show such a different side of a person and put you in situations with them that you otherwise would never encounter. Here are nine reasons you should hop on an international flight with the person you love- and you should come back with a stronger relationship, or maybe you’ll come back single. I can’t predict the future, but if you come back single, it’s probably for the best.

*The international part of the flight is important. Long haul flights suck, airports are stressful, and they really just bring out the worst in a person.*

1. You will make the best memories

You won’t be that boring couple that hardly ever leaves the house, and only goes camping once a year. You can create memories that are in a foreign place and that you can always look back on when you’ve returned to your boring life back home.

Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre

2. Their true character will be revealed

You missed your flight and have to pay an absurd amount to get to the next destination? How do they handle this? The not so great sides of travelling will happen, it’s not all Instagram-worthy, and it’ll show you how they handle these tough situations.

3. You’ll spend all of the quality time with them

Maybe not all the time spent can be considered “quality,” but it sure is a lot of time. I don’t think there are many people I can handle 24/7, an exception being my dog.

4. You will get to know them better

You’ll get to know each other in a different way than if you stayed at home. You’ll find out what activities or places are a must for one of you, and not so much the other. You’ll learn your differences and similarities and how to work with them.



Someone has to choose, always. Eventually, when every single day you’re eating together, someone will be the bigger person and choose where to eat. This is important. Thank god we both love falafel and hummus or there would be some serious decision dilemmas.


6. You’ll save money

You’ll obviously save some money by splitting everything.

7. You’ll have more fun

I’ve never gone travelling solo, and I don’t think I would like it. I like to always have someone with me on trains, planes, or car rides. You’ll always have someone to do activities with, and learn to compromise on what activities to do.


8. You’ll find a common ground

I had to learn how to golf so I could spend time with my boyfriend. I’m not mad about this, but it’s true. Now we can travel the world and golf in cool places, and the patiences he proved while teaching me to golf was real.

golden eagle

I’m not an expert, but I think travelling as a couple is one of the best ways to test the relationship and strengthen it. You’ll see almost every single side of the person, whether it’s good or bad. You’ll learn to appreciate the little things about each other, make memories, take photos, meet new people, eat new food, have fun, or not have fun, go through some shitty things that go along with travel, and you’ll just come out of it way stronger.

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