Minimalist packing and outfit inspiration

I have been trying to become a minimalist for the past couple years, and I won’t lie, it’s tough. One of my goals this year was to not buy cheap, bad quality clothing, and buy better quality but more expensive clothing. It’s hard. You can go through the Forever21 website and have a shopping cart of twelve things, with a total of $100.00, or you can buy one item from Lululemon, and also have a shopping cart total of $100.00. Regardless of whether this goal is being accomplished or not, I tend to buy neutral things so I can put a lot of outfits together with less. These are some basics that will make packing in a carry on super easy whether you’re going to a hot destination or a cold destination. With an exception of workout clothing and accessories, this packing list could be used for a month of travel for me depending on where and when I was going. Less is more, friends.

  1. peacoat
  2. leather jacket
  3. black jeans
  4. denim jacket
  5. ripped jeans
  6. black maxi dress
  7. denim shorts
  8. black tank top
  9. red t-shirt
  10. black t-shirt
  11. basic body suit
  12. lace top
  13. denim skirt
  14. white converse
  15. Chelsea boots
  16. wedge boots

Now, here are some flat lay photos of outfits that can be made with these items. You’ll see quickly that I hate wearing colour, but it comes in handy for travelling because everything matches nicely.

bodysuitdenim skirtlace toplevismaxi dressripped jeanswinter outfit

You can make so many combinations with these things. I find it the most difficult to pack in the fall and winter because I love coats and boots, and there’s never enough room to take it all. Missing in this list, because they’re not completely necessary, are scarves, hats, and purses. They can change an outfit drastically and don’t always take up too much space in the suitcase. Tip: use scarves and toques to stuff boots and purses when they’re in your suitcase so their shape doesn’t get ruined. 

Hope this was helpful, next up is everything I pack in my carry on.

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