Oregon roadtrip: Canon Beach, Seaside, Portland

Vancouver to Portland is such a great road trip to do if you’re near the Vancouver area! I love Oregon. It’s not too far from home, it’s gorgeous, and there are so many outlet malls.


First stop was (obviously) the Seattle outlets, and next was the best barbecue place ever just off the highway in Olympia. The Ranch House BBQ and Steakhouse– go here. I will choose not to go into detail about the place we stayed at in Seaside. It wasn’t great, and I don’t remember what it was called. It was a short walk from the town and of course- a little bit of a sketchy area.

The purpose of this little road trip was mainly to golf… I’m not that good at golf, so I drove around in the golf cart drinking fireball and hot chocolate with Baileys to stay warm. Gearhart Golf Links is absolutely gorgeous though. Maybe, next year we’ll go and I’ll be able to actually play. We lucked out a bit with the weather, only getting a bit of rain.

Gearhart Golf Links
Gearhart Golf Links
Gearhart Golf Links
Gearhart Golf Links
Gearhart Golf Links

As well as golf, we did a lot of shopping. We went to every Nike outlet we could find, and most of the Marshall’s. The Lebanese food we ate in Seaside at McBani was phenomenal. The roasted cauliflower is a must.

We drove down to Canon Beach, one of my favourite places ever. We didn’t do much here except walk around and get coffee.

After a few days in Seaside, it was off to Portland. We OBVIOUSLY went to Voodoo Doughnut. Despite R’s complaining about waiting in line, after he tried his Portland Cream doughnut, he shut up real quick. It’s worth it.

We went to a Portland Timbers game as well. It was a good time, and a much better atmosphere than a Vancouver Whitecaps game. We didn’t realize how actually obstructed the obstructed seats were and ended up sneaking in with the Timbers Army for the second half. After the game, we had to walk all the way back to the doughnut store because *someone* wanted another doughnut but then decided the line was too long, even though it was 11pm.

Portland Timbers
Portland Timbers
Canon Beach

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