What to do with 48 hours in London

There’s so much to do in London, but you can still make the most out of a quick trip if you find one of those flight deals that seem too good to be true.

Day one:

First stop upon arrival is Leadenhall Market to look around.

Leadenhall Market
Leadenhall Market

Now walk by the river past the Tower Bridge and looked at the Tower of London. We didn’t go up because we love a budget trip, but I wish I did!

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around- Piccadilly, Oxford Circus, Saville Row, Big Ben, and don’t forget Buckingham Palace. I also wish I went on the London Eye, but again with that budget…


Now go to the National Gallery. I was stoked to see this Van Gogh painting.

van gogh

At night, go on a Jack the Ripper tour. It started pouring rain so we escaped to get Indian food at the Lahore Kebab House instead.

Day two:

Wake up pretty early to make the most of your day. We grabbed a bagel from Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

Paddington Bear
Little known fact- Rob was a huge Paddington Bear fan when he was a little guy

Go to the other side of the river today. You can see the Harry Potter bridge, the Shakespeare Globe, and look at all of the amazing churches and buildings.

Shakespeare Globe
Shakespeare Globe

If you’re anything like me you’ll make the Burberry Outlet a priority. It’s out of the way but worth it; also stop in Harrod’s to see all of the things you can’t afford ;). You have to eat fish and chips in London, so go for lunch, then go to Primrose Bakery for a cupcake. Make your way to the Covent Garden next…

Covent Garden
Covent Garden
covent garden
Covent Garden

London has so many amazing museums and most of them are free. Go to one that interests you! We spent hours in the Imperial War Museum. If you go here, go to the top exhibit first, and make your way down. The Holocaust exhibit is at the top, so we ended up there last and left really sad.

That’s it! Two days really isn’t enough for London, but you can still see and do a lot of things.

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