Hiking Joffre Lakes in Pemberton, BC.

Joffre Lakes: the hike that took Instagram by storm. I refused to do this hike for a long time because it seemed so… Basic, for lack of a better word. It seems like a hike so many people do, just to get that perfect Instagram photo, you know, on the Instagram log at the second lake. Honestly, I don’t blame anyone for needing a pic for the gram. This hike is breathtaking, and I took my fair share of photos.

There are three lakes, the first one being 200 metres from the parking lot which I believe is wheelchair accessible, the second took us about fifty minutes to get to, which is where you’ll find the infamous log, and the third is only ten/fifteen minutes from there. This hike isn’t hard; most of it is pretty easy, and there’s maybe two steeper parts that are challenging, but they don’t last for very long. We left Pemberton at 6:45am, and we were back at the hotel by 10am. We did spent quite a bit of time at the second and third lake taking photos. It’s 4km to the third lake, and 4.7km to the campsite. The walk to the campsite isn’t the nicest, it’s mostly on roots. Don’t forget to reserve before 5pm that day if you plan on camping!

My number one tip for doing this hike is to leave early. We passed one couple on the way up, and there was one couple at the top when we got there. It was so amazing to have the no one in the background of the photos! We probably passed over 50 people on the way down, and it was a TUESDAY. I can’t even imaging what this trail would be like on a weekend or holiday. Unfortunately, dogs are no longer allowed on this trail and many others in the area (bullshit), because they are so overpopulated, and somehow the dogs must lead to all the garbage left? Ok, I’m bitter. The terrier got to do this hike a few years ago with my parents, but the whippet would have loved it, and who are we kidding, my pictures would have been much cuter with the dogs in them.

10/10 recommend doing this hike if you’re staying in Whistler and are able to get up there early! It would be great for families as well because it’s not too difficult.

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