10 ways to survive long international flights

The worst part about going on a trip is the long flight that goes along with it. Why isn’t teleportation a thing yet?! After going on many long flights, some good, and some not so good, I consider myself an expert.

ONE: Hydrate

I can’t say this enough- HYDRATE. Bring an empty reusable bottle through security with you and fill it up on the other side to avoid the overpriced water that live in airport. Drink a litre before, during, and after your flight. Don’t worry about bugging the person next to you to get up and pee. You’ll never see them again. 😉

TWO: Layer

When you’re boarding the flight and waiting for takeoff, it’ll be hot AF. When you get in the air, it always seems to be freezing. Make sure you wear layers so you’re not sweating your face off or freezing. Also bring sunglasses to wear when you get off the plane and feel like you look like a truck hit you.

Mom jeans that are 2 sizes too big are comfy for flights

THREE: Pack entertainment

Headphones, books (or a Kindle), downloaded podcasts, music, etc. On my last international flight, there was one free movie, and one free TV show, and for any other entertainment, you had to buy it. Thanks Condor. But I usually use flights to listen to podcasts, so I wasn’t too upset.

FOUR: Workout before

I always try to workout the day of a flight, or at least the day before. Travel days end up including a lot of sitting.

FIVE: Compression socks

I always get blisters upon arrival to my destination in shoes that I’ve worn forever because my FEET ARE SWOLLEN. Wear compression socks to help this.

SIX: Catch up on work

If you can do homework or work offline, do it now! It’s so much uninterrupted time.

SEVEN: Bring hand sanitizer and wipes

Planes are gross; I always get sick and/or breakout after flying. Bring hand sanitizer and use it constantly, and wipe down your tray, arm rests, and window area before you sit down.

EIGHT: Pack your carry on properly

There will be more on this later, but I always put my liquids and makeup in my backpack (so it’s easier to take out at security), as well as my laptop, slippers, Kindle, headphones, and snacks. Everything I need will be at my feet, and my backpack doesn’t take up that much space at my feet. Getting up to get something in the overhead compartment is a no for me!

Whippet optional

NINE: Pack Advil

Or Tylenol, or Aleve, T3’s, whatever one is your favourite. I always end up with a headache on flights. Always.

TEN: Sleep, duh

I used to never be able to fall asleep on flights, but now I’ll put on a three hour podcast and tell myself I won’t open my eyes until it’s over, and more likely than not, I fall asleep. Do not stay up the whole night before telling yourself you’ll sleep on the plane.

That’s all I’ve got for ya! If you have any other tips, let me know!

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