Day trip from Whistler, BC: Lillooet Lake

As much as Whistler has to offer, it’s nice to get away for a day. A little bit past Pemberton, down a dirt road, you’ll find Lillooet Lake. It’s calm, not crowded, and the water isn’t that cold. If you find yourself wondering what to do for a day while staying in Whistler (or Pemberton), I definitely recommend visiting Lillooet Lake.

Continuing down the forest service road will lead you to the Skookumchuk Hot Springs at km 58 or Sloquet Hot Springs 33 kms further. I wanted to go…But no one else did, so the lake had to do. There are campsites and day parking; we parked in a campsite because it was mostly empty and closer to the trail to the beach, and the park ranger was nice enough to tell us we didn’t have to move the truck to the day parking! A short walk down the trail will lead you to the beach, and the calm, green water of the lake. I was pretty blown away at the jade colour of the water, how such a large lake was so calm, and how there was pretty much no one else there. I was really wishing I had a paddle board when I saw someone paddling along.

The dogs also loved this beach! The whippet went for a forced swim and the terrier did lots of rolling around in the sand. Vancouver is not a dog friendly city and it’s lovely to go to beaches that the dogs can be off the leash at.

If you want somewhere not as crowded as the beaches near Whistler, go for a day trip to Lilloet. You’ll love it! It gave me serious “a sea monster could be living here” vibes, though. It’s always weird when you can’t see the bottom of the lake at all…

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