7 staple items for a fall trip to Europe

HAPPY SEPTEMBER. Labour day is over, there will be no more white, and a switch has flipped over to the best season of the year. The best part about fall isn’t the pumpkin spiced lattes, the cooler weather, the falling leaves, or Halloween… The best is fall fashion, no ifs, ands, or buts. Fall is my season. Boots, scarves, coats, sweaters, hats, I’m here for all of it. For the sake of this article, I’ll assume you’re packing lightly; these items are a must for Europe in the fall!


Alright, I prefer to bring multiple pairs of boots, but if you’re limited for space, maybe one would do. I would choose between Chelsea boots, combat boots with a slight heel, or wedge booties (Toms has great ones).

Trench Coat

I’m not saying you need a Burberry trench coat, but you need a Burberry trench coat. Check out Tradesy for gently used designer clothes- that’s were I got an amazing deal on my coat. Banana Republic and RW&Co also have some less pricey options.

Fun hats

Indiana Jones hats just work in Europe.

Hoop earrings

They tell people you’re a bad bitch and make a ponytail or bun look 10x better.

Denim Jacket

A staple. Oversized, blue denim or black.

Knit Sweater Dress

Cozy and cute! Looks great with tall knee high boots or combat boots.

Black Denim

You really can’t go wrong with these, and I wear black denim basically everywhere in the fall. Going out? Yep. Grocery shopping? Sure. Doing tourist things? Definitely. You just can’t go wrong.

Ripped Jeans

Also a staple, and perfect for those days where it’s kinda hot but then you go in the shade and it’s cold, or it’s warm and then the sun goes down and you’re freezing. It’s not for everyone, but I’m a huge fan of denim on denim. A trench also looks great with ripped jeans to dress it up!

These seven items can create some great outfits as long as you pack neutral basics. I’m a huge fan of bodysuits, cropped boxy tees, and simple tanks. I don’t own anything in colours so everything always matches. Going through all my pics I was wearing at least one of these items in most photos. I don’t know, I’m not one of those people that could ever live out of a backpack for a month. If you can, good for you, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to look cute when frolicking through the cobblestone streets of European cities.

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