Just some photos: Salzburg, Berchtesgaden, Hallstatt, Bled, and Ljubljana

We went on a quick little road trip in February, putting 1700kms on the rental car in four days. I was sick. I have no great recommendations, but I do have photos, and a photo’s worth a thousand words, right?


salzburgsalzburg 1




hallstatt mountainshallstatthallstatt lake

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ljubljana buildingsljubljana

The end. I do not have as many photos or as much information as I could have, but if you ever have a chance to drive through the Bavarian Alps, do it! It is unbelievably gorgeous and reminded me a bit of home.

Vienna for a day: dog friendly things to see and do

One of the best things about European cities is that they are all dog friendly. With the exception of grocery stores and some restaurants, dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere. On Sunday, we took the train to Vienna and spent the day wandering the streets.


Trains allow dogs; the rules seem a bit confusing because it says that you need to get permission of everyone in your car, and they need a muzzle. My puppy was okay without a muzzle but she’s also 12 weeks old and harmless, I bought tickets the night before and double checked with the lady about that. I had to pay for a ticket for her, which would have been half price if she was going to ride in a crate. Since she’s an absolute nightmare in her crate, I opted against that.

Upon arrival to Vienna, we bought metro tickets and went to Cafe Central. Dog friendly, of course. She just slept on the floor in my jacket as I drank my cappuccino and had my apple strudel. The line here will go quickly, and I thought it was worth it.

Next, we just walked around. It was a Sunday so many stores were closed but that’s okay. After looking at St. Stephen’s Cathedral and walking around the museums, we went to Schönbrunn Palace. Obviously, dogs aren’t welcome in the actual palace, but they are in the gardens. It was cold and the flowers were not in bloom but it was still pretty.

st stephensdemel konditoreivienna statuevienna streetvienna

For dinner, we just went to one of the first restaurants we could find. They brought water for the dog and didn’t mind that she was laying on the booth. She was so tired at this point that she just fell asleep.

If you’re hoping to go into a lot of museums, horse carriages, Opera, or go inside the church, maybe leave your dog in the hotel or get someone to take of them. Otherwise, there is a lot to do while bringing your dog, and everyone is very nice about it.

vienna horsespalacepalace garden

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