10 reasons to visit Oslo, Norway

I know I said I hated this city. I don’t think it’s the city itself that I hated, but other factors that just happened while I was there; the reasons I needed out were not the city’s fault. There’s good in everything, and there’s good in this city. I should give it some credit. In no particular order, here are some things that would be worth going back for. Continue reading 10 reasons to visit Oslo, Norway

Budapest: The best restaurants

I could go on and on… and on, about how good Hungarian food is, but restaurants in Hungary are not where I usually eat it. Budapest has everything you could ever want when it comes to food. I ended up going back to some of my favourites from the last time I was here, but also discovered some new places. These are the spots I’ll keep going back to every time I end up here, because all roads lead to Budapest. Continue reading Budapest: The best restaurants

Reasons to visit Budapest in the winter

Why do I love this city so much? I adore it. Last time I was here, it was over 30 degrees everyday. We went to the lake, ran around the island, and spent a lot of time drinking on patios. This time, it’s Christmas. After every city I’ve gone to recently not having their market open or Christmas lights on, Budapest does. I’m hoping the amount of hot wine I’ve consumed since being here is acceptable because of the Christmas lights. Continue reading Reasons to visit Budapest in the winter

I hated Oslo: what no one tells you before moving to Norway

The photos on Pinterest of Norway are stunning, and most articles on the internet are very positive. Maybe that’s why I was so rattled things didn’t work out, I had different expectations? I was absolutely miserable there. I really wanted to like this county; I was really not expecting to leave with this much negativity built up inside me. Continue reading I hated Oslo: what no one tells you before moving to Norway